Tips to reduce THEFT claims

08 Feb

I find the following to be common sense ideas. However, sometimes we need to be reminded of the following to reduce the chances of having  a break in/burglary when we leave our residences:

  1. Always remember to lock all doors using all the safety features such as deadbolt locks, sliding door pin locks, handle locks and security bars.
  2. Leave Televisions and radios playing.
  3. Make sure all windows are locked.
  4. Let a trusted person know when you will return. This is especially necessary if you share a space and the others will not be traveling. A housemate may not realize that a burglary occurred if you did not communicate that to the housemate.
  5. Don't put keys under doormats or close flower pots. These are common places for thieves to find keys.
  6. Use light timers for nights. This will give the appearance of occupancy.
  7. Stop mail and literature deliveries especially if these are to be left in open area where people passing will see.
  8. Be ready with door keys before you approach your door to reduce the chance of being attacked and injured while burglary is done.
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